Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Gold

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We are in love with this must have color! Go for the gold! Order the brand new 35cm Hermès Gold Togo Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware at Créateurs de Luxe today, receive it tomorrow!


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Sophia Bush Shines with her Hermès Orange Leather Birkin Handbag

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Image Credit: Survivor, Pacific Coast News

Sophia Bush took a lunch break on a gorgeous, sunny day  in West Hollywood at Gracias Madre. We are glad to see Sophia with such an iconic Hermès Handbag! We absolutely love the way that Sophia’s sundress flows with her 35cm Hermès Orange Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware. We think it is adorable that Sophia matched her nails to her luxury handbag by painting her nails orange. We are sure the star of Chicago PD will only continue to grow her Hermès Handbag collection! We wonder which Hermès Handbag we will see her with next!

Are you looking to copy Sophia’s look? Order a Brand New 35cm Hermès Orange Togo Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware at Créateurs de Luxe today, receive your new handbag tomorrow!


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Pretty in Hermès Pink: Bethenny Frankel & Her Daughter, Bryn

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Image Credit: http://www.akmgsi.com/

How adorable are Bethenny Frankel and her daughter, Bryn?! We love that Bethenny coordinates their outfits to match, including a matching 35cm Hermès Rose Tyrien leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware! This duo was spotted leaving their apartment in NYC with Bryn in all pink and Bethenny had a baby pink t-shirt on and a Pink Birkin to match her daughter’s color selection. Bryn, who is 3-years-old, must have been eager to get to wherever they were headed to because she was leading her mother by tugging on her Birkin Handbag!

We couldn’t resist sharing one of our favorite pictures of Bethenny with her pink Hermès Birkin bag, the third image seen above. This image was taken on October 30th, 2013 as the duo headed into a private Halloween party at Georgetown Cupcake in NYC. The two were decked out from head to toe in pink for the party where they decorated their own cupcakes for the holiday. And how did the girls arrive to this sugary-event?  By pink limo, of course! We are almost digging the “Frenchy” look on Bethenny! Pink is definitely a great color for The Real Housewives of New York City alum. We love that the lovely ladies went all out to dress as candy princesses, with Bryn’s adorable cupcake purse and wand, and Bethenny’s very loud doughnut corset and neon tutu skirt!

We wonder what adorable outfits these two will coordinate on next, using an Hermès Birkin Handbag as the main accessory!


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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Rouge Casaque

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New arrival! Click here to order the sexy 35cm Hermès Rouge Casaque Taurillon Clemence Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware today!


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What is your Hermès Color?

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We at Hermès Purse Forum want to know, what is YOUR Hermès Color? We have far too many favorites to name, but as the weather heats up, we have to mention the radiant colors of Mykonos and Menthe. Bright sea tones are perfect for summer! For a more subtle look, you can never go wrong with great neutrals like Black and Gris Tourterelle!

What are the colors above? Just to name a few – Bubble gum pink, Rose Tyrien, Rouge Vif, Vermillion, Orange, Sanguine, Soufre, Jaune D’or, Vert Anis, Kiwi, Menthe, Mykonos, Blue Jean, Iris, Ultra Violet, Gris Tourterlle, Gris Perle, Gold, Cocoa, Argyle, Black and White. We wonder what new colors will be released in 2014!?

Did you know just because a color is not listed at www.createursdeluxe.com, doesn’t mean we cannot find your dream color for you! Let us know what you are looking for and we will do everything we can to help you meet your match from Hermès heaven! Check out our fabulous selection at Créateurs de Luxe today! Order today, receive your gorgeous Hermès Handbag tomorrow!

Tell us, what is your favorite color? Can’t name just one? Let us know your top color choices!


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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Iris

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Miranda Kerr: Sexy, Smart & Unbelievably Stylish!

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Miranda Kerr has been spotted out and about with her 35cm Hermès Black Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware a lot recently. This Australian beauty sure knows how to keep her look fresh and unbelievably stylish! Whether she is out with her and Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn, feeling flirty when it is freezing in New York City, or simply out on the street after a day on the town with her 35cm Hermès Black Leather Kelly Handbag with Gold Hardware, this gorgeous woman knows how to express herself through fashion! Just this past week, Miranda walked out in a knee length dress in NYC while it was still frigid out. Miranda must be like the most of us and are desperate to see this winter-like weather to end so that we may wear all our gorgeous spring fashions! No matter what this woman from down under wears, she will always look like an angel, with the body of a god. We cannot wait to see which Hermès Handbag we spot Miranda out with next!


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Our Favorite Hermès Color of the Week: Soufre

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Spring has sprung! Show off the perfect color for the season!

32cm Hermès Soufre Sellier Leather Kelly Handbag #10003

Hermès Soufre Epsom Leather Evelyne III Shoulder Bag GM #10033

Hermes Soufre and Blue Lin Two Tone Veau Epsom Leather Bearn Wallet – Palladium Hardware – #10004

Hermès Soufre Sulphur Mysore Goatskin Bearn Wallet – #9916


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This is not an Authentic Hermès Birkin Handbag! What happens when an Hermès Birkin Bag seems too good to be true?

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How do you tell a real Hermès Handbag from a fake? It is getting increasingly difficult to tell as producers of counterfeit handbags are getting closer and closer to the real thing every day. Recently, a 35cm Hermès Iris Togo Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware arrive at our office as a consignment item. To the untrained eye, this handbag may have been passed off as the real deal.  It is frightening to see just how similar this handbag was at a glance. However, after a closer look, we were horrified with the results.

The first thing we look for when reviewing a handbag is the wear. The handbag was clearly used, as it had wear. The first thing we notice about a used bag is if it is floppy and slouchy. Not only was this  handbag NOT slouchy, it also had a funky smell, and did not smell like Hermès leather. After looking closer,  the grain seemed off as well as the overall texture and it felt cheap.

After noticing these key points and determining this handbag was a fake, we checked the lock with one of our Hermès Birkin Handbags that we bought in an Hermès boutique. We put both locks for the two bags side by side and they were slightly different. The keyholes had different measurements as well. The differences were so slight that this bag may have been passed off as the real thing to someone who didn’t know any better.

The plates of this handbag looked as if they were engraved with white ink. The letters and spacing in the engraving did not match up with an authentic bag. Even the thread looked to be cheap and of low quality. We wanted to warn our readers that fake Birkin bags are getting more and more like the real thing each day and that they should take caution when purchasing an Hermès Handbag. The owner of Créateurs de Luxe helps authenticate Hermès Handbags for many companies and is able to spot even the closest of fakes. And remember one of the key lessons in life, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Trust your instincts and happy Birkin hunting!


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Divorce Drama: Johnny Weir’s Husband Writes “F*** You” on one of Johnny’s Hermès Birkin Handbags!

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Image Credit:  Left Image: Wire Image . Center Image: Johnny Weir’s Instagram. Right Image: WENN.

Many of our Twitter and Facebook followers may recall an article we shared by Johnny Weir, the highly fashionable U.S.A. Olympic Figure Skater, in November 2013. The article was written October 10th, 2013 and tells us the tale of how Johnny not only obtained his dream 35cm Hermès Orange Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware, but also how someone completely defaced it in the blink of an eye. This past week, reports that Johnny had filed for divorce from his husband of more than two years, Victor Voronov surfaced. Soon after the release, stories about how the two were handling the split, the cause and the outrageous drama followed.

In October of last year, Johnny shared with us a story about how he finally acquired the must-have, 35cm Hermès Orange Leather Birkin Handbag with Palladium Hardware.  While we were happy to read this tale, it soon turned sour. While out with friends in Manhattan during the last few weeks of September, Johnny left his bag at the table with his friends while he visited the washroom. On the way back to his table, Johnny saw a “clearly homosexual person” leave his group’s area. This man was not with them and while he passed Johnny, he mouthed the word, “B****.”  Johnny brushed off the interaction and returned to his friends. A half hour passed and when Johnny went to grab his bag, and his heart sank. His brand new baby was defiled with the words, “F*** Y**” written in permanent marker on the front in large letters. This moment made him recognize just how much hate there is in the world, even in his own community.

Flash forward five months, Johnny and his Hermès Birkin Handbags are in the news again, and unfortunately, we cannot report that this time it is any happier of a situation. As Johnny let the world know on March 19th, 2014 that he filed for divorce from his hubby, Victor Voronov, rumors and stories of drama began to fly. This was a shock to everyone as they seemed so happy, and they just entered their second year of marriage this past New Year’s Eve. Sadly, this is not the case. Johnny filed for divorce before attending this year’s Winter Games as a commentator for NBC in Sochi. So what happened?

In an email obtained by TMZ, Johnny writes to Victor on September 29, 2013, “If you decide to wreck things, please wreck cheaper things than Birkins. The f*** you on the Birkin is kinda cool, though, you artist.  I know you don’t care about how I’ll survive if you divorce me, but please leave my Birkin bags, Celine bags and Chanel bags alone.”

Why did Victor go after Johnny’s prized possessions? Because there were rumors stirring that Johnny may have cheated and the two were of fighting with each other. Some of Johnny’s closest friends witnessed Victor hit Johnny. In early March, Johnny was in court with charges pressed against him by Victor for supposedly biting his arm in a physical altercation. It was also rumored that Johnny was tired of financially supporting Victor.

As the rumors come out, we need to ask, are these two incidents related or even the same event? Is it possible that Victor had someone defile Johnny’s new baby at the restaurant that day, or could more than one of Johnny’s handbags been attacked? The initial Birkin crime took place in September. At the very end of the month, Johnny reportedly sent Victor an email with a plea for forgiveness and to not destroy his handbags. And finally, in October, Johnny writes about how he experienced a hate crime from within his own community. How could Johnny’s friends not notice someone touching his Birkin? So far no one has questioned if these two stories are connected, but we at the Hermès Purse Forum would love to know. We wonder which of his bags were harmed!

As for Johnny, we are sorry that you have not only had to endure terrible treatment of your bags once, but twice and are going through a painful divorce. We wish you the best and may the road to your future be paved in beautiful handbags!


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